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It all started...

Having traveled the globe my entire life, I often feel like a citizen of the world ‘nomad’ captures it best. Currently, my interior and cultural design work has me flying to clientele worldwide. When not on a job site, I am sourcing goods in amazing artisanal hotspots like Morocco, India, Bali, Mexico and Turkey.  


Exposure to these magical places with prolific artisans has given me a wealth of inspiration to develop my vision of Bohemian style. Vintage, handmade and

one-of-a-kind are hallmarks of my personal style in

home goods, clothing and accessories. Known as the #girlwithbigrings, my jewelry has always been a standout signature that, with great passion, I collect regularly. 

The idea to start sharing, grew organically from a demand to sell many of the pieces off my body - literally. I now work with beautiful artisans, sourcing from all corners of the world and I am thrilled to be able to share with other passionate collectors. 

With heart, soul, and love – I nurture this prolific journey, and try to share it with all of you. Most importantly, aiding artisans to create and sell their work – enables them to express their soul and culture, and of course enriches their livelihoods. I invite each of you to come along and share this journey with me.

With love and many blessings, kris

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