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Silk Halter Dress - handmade

Silk Halter Dress - handmade


Our Silk Halter Dress is hand-made, hand-embroidered and hand-dyed.

This piece has wonderful patterning and coloration and the hand-embroidery is through out.

  • One size fits all
  • Every piece is one-of-a-kind creation


Exclusively made for us by Himmelskater - Goa, India.

  • World of Bohemia is the exclusive seller in the USA and Mexico.
  • I personally select each saree, and work with the team to create each silouette.


Every piece is a true work of art, and we hope you will wear these pieces as staples in your wardrobe, not just for special occassion. Our philosphy for all our creations is high - low, meaning depending on your dressing outlook - these can be worn just about anywhere, anytime. Now this is just me - but i wore the exact same outfit recently to a wedding, but also wore it the week before for a surprise concert romp in the woods, following a violinist (aka pied - piper)

  • accept the uniqueness of each piece, cut and made by the hand of tailor to feature the amazing women artisanal beaders who stich each bead by hand. Any blips, discrepancies - we embrace the love and beauty inherent in hand-made.


Highly advise working with Kris upfront if you have a question on fit, and especially with you would like assistance with styling and layering with our cultural adornment and jewelry. TEXT 646.510.2882 :-)

  • Only a small portion of our hand-made treasure is on the website, and we welcome the opportunity to share with you!


  • Return Policy

    • kindly ask that you work up front with Kris to find your perfect piece for your body type and mood. Due to the intimate nature of working with these one-of-a-kind works of art, we are really not the typical kind of brand that is shufflling goods back and forth, and takes supporting our artisans seriously. The time and wasted resources of returns is not what we support. For this reason - please text Kris 646.510.2882 - she is more than happy to work with you directly. thank you for your understanding.


    Please note - If you are shopping with us through Instagram - they automatically notate a 30 day return and this does not apply to us.

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